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How many times do we hear or see people not achieving their full potentials and unsure of their futures? The Betty Adera Foundation acknowledges that there many barriers to achievement of life goals. For women and girls it can be; inability to complete their education or go to school in the first place, it can also be as a result of harmful socio-cultural practices, it can also be as a result of sexual and gender based violence, or even lacking the soft skills required to take on a leadership position. For young people the barriers can be lack of opportunities to make their talents work for them and others.

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Focal Area:

Our focal area is prevention of all forms of gender based violence, girls and women in leadership, youth empowerment growth and peace and cohesion.

When I let out my own story of Domestic Violence, hundreds of women all reached out to me with a resounding ‘ Me Also ’ script with most of their stories being more horrifying than my own. I am a Social Advocate for Peace and Justice and a transformative leader with a vision to mould young women and men into powerful leaders of tomorrow.