‘UonevuShuleni’ is a Kiswahili word meaning ‘Bullying in Schools’. This Initiative aims are providing a safe space to engage school boys, teachers, parents, religious sector and community members with a view to holding open dialogue around bullying in schools.

Bullying is a silent form of Gender Based Violence that is increasing in intensity and severity with some school boys quitting school, dropping in academic grades, sustaining physical and psychological injuries and in some cases even death.

Cyber Bullying is also gaining momentum and is negatively affecting many young people. ‘UonevuShuleni’ endeavours to eliminate all forms of Bullying among boys in schools by facilitating dialogue forums with key stakeholders, providing psychosocial support for those affected and strengthening school systems and policies that ensure ‘zero’ tolerance to this vice.

The Initiative will also provide for broader mentorship of the students on character, leadership, self-image, self-esteem, self-management and goal setting.