'Beyond Disability' Project

‘Beyond Disability’ Project

 ‘Beyond Disability’ Project is in response to constant violence against people living with disabilities as they are seen as ‘powerless’ and ‘hopeless’. Many people in Kenya live with disability which include those of mobility, visual impairment, auditory, cognitive and speech including Autism. Majority live in abject poverty and it is common for people Living with Disabilities to end up in streets due to neglect, maltreatment or exploitation thus making them easy targets for all forms of violence.

Betty Adera Foundation recognizes that people with disabilities especially girls and women face multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination, SGBV, abuse and physical violence. Interventions include advocacy to widen the space for participation in governance by people living with disabilities, economic empowerment, child friendly home and schools, specialized support services, community dialogue around response to disability for stigma reduction as well as protection.