About us

About us

Focal Area

Securing our Future

When I let out my own story of Domestic Violence, hundreds of women all reached out to me with a resounding ‘Me Also’ script with most of their stories being more horrifying than my own.

Our Objectives

Our Motto

Unlocked Potentials, Secured Futures

Our Mission

Develop meaningful partnerships, capacity building, stakeholder engagement and dialogue and use Art to unlock human potentials and secure futures

Our Vision

Restore honour and self-worth as a pathway towards peace with oneself and peace with the environment


  1. Reduce new incidence of all forms of Sexual and Gender Based Violence including harassment and bullying
  2. Increase the number of Adolescent Girls and Young Women who become thought leaders, occupy leadership positions and become the next generation of female leaders across all fields and at all levels
  3. Increase employment and growth opportunities for young and talented youths by identifying and nurturing their talents and linkage to local and international opportunities
  4. Stimulate thinking around the meaning, value and everyone’s role in peace building, justice and cohesion with a view to adopt more non-violent conflict resolutions mechanisms at all levels

Core Principles

  • Do no harm
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion
  • Safe spaces for dialogue and engagement
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation

Our Team

Meet The Team behind the Betty Adera Foundation


Betty Adera


Adolescent and Young People's Sexual Reproductive Health Expert

Board Member

Patricia Funderburk Ware

Board Member

Global Health and International Relations Expert

Board Member

Stephine Ogutu

Board Member

Governance Youth Development Adviser

Our Partners

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