Our Events

  • Kenya High School

Girls’ Mentorship

Betty Adera Goes Back to her Former School,Kenya High School,to Mentor Girls on how they can Achieve their Dreams

  • Nairobi

Keynote Speech

Betty Adera Delivering Keynote Speech during the NOPE 8th International Conference 2018 on Peer Education,Sexuality and HIV/AIDS.

  • Wiser Muhuru Bay

Alumni Inaugural Day

Betty Adera,the fondation’s President,has been invited as a keynote speaker at Wiser Muhuru Bay during Alumni Inaugural Day-August 3rd 2018.Join us!

  • Kenya School of Monetary Studies

GGBC Workshop May 2018

Betty’s keynote speech during the Global Give Back Circle Annual Renewal. The event took place on May 19th at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies.Betty gave a keynote speech as the Founder of Betty Adera Foundation.