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Gender Based Violence

When I let out my own story of Domestic Violence, hundreds of women, young and old; rich and poor; educated and uneducated; influential and lowly; Christian and Muslim; Luo, Kikuyu Kalenjin, Luhya etc all reached out to me with a resounding ‘Me Also’ script with most of their stories being more horrifying than my own.

Gender Based Violence (GBV) is on the increase in Kenya with various types being predominant in specific parts of the country. Child marriages, early marriages, forced marriages, Female Genital Mutilation and Cut, all forms of rape including incest and sodomy, physical violence, sexual harassment, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, trafficking for purposes of sexual exploitation, forced exposure to pornography, and bullying.

While these may appear to be more skewed to girls and women, boys and men also experience extreme forms for GBV perpetrated by both men and women and include sodomy, assault, domestic violence, sexual exploitation, forced pornography and all forms of bullying.


Strategy 1

Awareness creation using all forms of media, community dialogue forums to highlight the magnitude of this problem, how everybody is negatively impacted and source localised solutions for prevention, management and support.

Strategy 2

Capacity building of all stakeholders (young people, religious leaders, parents, communities etc) to increase their knowledge base and skills on prevention, management and support towards GBV and also on DO’s and Dont’s in case of a violation

Strategy 3

Establish and/or strengthen GBV prevention clubs for: in and out of school youth (both male and female); and GBV peer to peer support groups for continuous engagement towards restoration

Strategy 4

Establish and/or strengthen an all-inclusive GBV think tank for policy re-direction and engagement

Strategy 5

Partner with the Ministry of Education at National and County levels to initiate school programs that address ‘bullying’ (including social media bullying) and all forms of violence in schools

Target Group

  • Girl Child
  • Boy Child
  • Children born of Incest
  • Single mothers
  • Parents
  • Men and Women
  • Young People
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